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Mosman Uniting Church
Serving Mosman since 1877
The Fellowship of the Least Coin is a world-wide ecumenical movement of prayer for peace, justice and reconciliation. Through this movement Christian women around the world seek fellowship with each other and are reminded to live a reconciled and forgiving life with others. The idea for the Fellowship of the Least Coin emerged as a vision from God to Mrs. Shanti Solomon of India. She was part of the Pacific Mission Team of seven women from different countries that traveled in Asian countries after World War II, in September 1956. It was organised by Dr. Margaret Shannon on behalf of the Presbytrerian Church of the United States. Shanti Solomon, who was refused a visa to Korea, went to Manila, Philippines while other members of the team proceeded to Korea. She reflected on the experiences of their travel in the war torn countries of Asia and was inspired to promote reconciliation, justice and peace. On the return of the team, she suggested that prayer could transcend every national boundary. She challenged the Christian women of Asia and the women of the Presbyterian Church of the United States to combine their efforts and resources and launch a project of justice, peace and reconciliation on an international basis. It was to be a project of Christian prayer and positive action in which every Christian woman could participate, no matter what her economic position was. Every time a woman prayed she was to set aside a “least coin” of her currency. It was an encouragement to the women of the team to demonstrate their unity in Christian faith, regardless of their country or economic circumstances. They all accepted it as their sincere desire to express their solidarity with suffering humanity and with women of every nation. Mosman Uniting Church has been a long time supporter of the Fellowship together with other local church congregations. For more information go to http://www.acw.org.au/least-coin.html