HYMN 234 ‘How good, Lord, to be here’ OFFERING O God, may these, our offerings, expand your work in the world and add gifts to many people’s lives. Bless all that we have given today. Amen. PRAYERS OF GOD’S PEOPLE Written by Rev Duncan McDiarmid God of Transitions, bless this community as it begins again the round of busy- ness that marks our expression of humanity. As we gather again bless us with the grace to hold hope and offer peace in a spirit of joy to those around us as you offer it to us. Be with those in the midst of disaster. We pray for those recovering, and not recovering, from the trauma of disasters which may be remote in time but which remain present even now. We pray for the lost, and those who have lost. We pray for the people of the world as they suffer the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Grant us resilience still to attend to the necessary things. God of love, bless the medical professionals and volunteers who daily serve their communities with bravery and tenacity to find hope as the world moves towards an effective response to the virus. Bless those here and around the world, who have lost loved ones to the pandemic. We name in our hearts our family, friends, community members, and people in our community of faith, in need of your especial blessing …. Dearest Lord we release the weight of this love into your care. God of transitions; May the governments of the world support their people with compassion and justice. We remember people seeking love, without knowing what they seek.