But the wonderful thing is that the negatives are not all decisive. For every day is also a day of Jesus Christ. Every day is a day after his resurrection. Every day is a day of victory through him – no matter how bad things may appear to be. Every day is a day lived in His presence, a day in his life. Every day is a day of his power. JESUS is God’s nevertheless! In spite of everything, nevertheless, Jesus lives and ultimately life can be positive for us. That is Easter. Wake up to reality. Life isn’t full of sunshine. There will be clouds and shadows. Nevertheless, God’s goodness will shine through. That’s faith. That’s what keeps the Christian going. That’s what has kept the Church going for 2,000 years and will do forever. That’s what Mary learned that day in the Garden of Resurrection. Nevertheless, God acts. It’s what the Church must proclaim in this time of crisis and in an age that needs the Church to find ways to relate more meaningfully to life in the raw. For we live in times when the life, vitality and failure of the Church is such that we may sometimes wonder if the body of Christ is once more dead. Nevertheless it is the power of God that raises new life and great possibilities. Even Jesus allowed for God’s nevertheless in his dark hour in Gethsemane whilst the forces of evil were gathering to do their worst to him. He prayed three times most earnestly, “Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me. Nevertheless, not my will but yours be done.” It can be the same for us. Tough things happen. When they do, don’t give up. As St Paul assures us: “All things work together for good for those who love God.” God’s ‘Nevertheless” is in that. No matter what the world now deals out to us, Be it war, bushfires, floods, recessions, or even pan-epidemics.