This Easter day let’s consider Mary Magdalene who had learned to say ‘Yes’ to life, through Jesus. Her life was an absolute mess – lost in sin. But Jesus lifted her from the scrap heap. She found real life through him. She was like so many others: Zacchaeus, the disciples, the sick, the blind, the lame, the unstable of mind, the confused. They heard Jesus say: ‘Yes! You can have life. Life as God meant it to be.’ Mary also heard his words, his teaching. She saw him in action breathed the same air and somehow it all made sense. Life came together for her. Worship is our way of saying, “God, You are the greatest! You make sense of this crazy world. Nothing else do I need to hang on to. Yes! Yes! Yes! You are my God.” And to-day, above all days, God’s greatest ‘Yes’ is shouted abroad. “Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed!” He has destroyed the powers of sin and death. He has broken down the barriers. He has opened the gates of eternal life to us. Well, Mary Magdalene was on a high. Life had become absolutely marvellous in Jesus’ company. Everything was positive. With him there was nothing she couldn’t face. Perhaps that’s how things were for us before the virus came. Then suddenly for Mary, as for us, her ‘Yes’ was confronted by a gigantic ‘NO!’ Jesus was crucified. The powers of evil, the enemies of Jesus said ‘no’ to him. Suddenly everything came to an end on a cross and a tomb in a nearby garden. The reality in life is that beside a clear and resounding ‘Yes’, there can come what seems like an equally, and sometimes louder ‘No!’ That’s life, isn’t it? But there have to be ‘No’s in our lives. Our pathways must be through dark valleys as well as on the mountaintop. Just as it’s happening with the world epidemic. Although God is our ‘Yes’ in life, God also can say, ‘No.’ God said ‘No’ to his people Israel again and again. It was necessary to teach them. The commandments had a lot of no’s in them – the “Thou Shalt Not’s”.