PRAYER OF ADORATION All say together Truly you have risen Lord Let the Gospel trumpet sound Let angels in heaven rejoice Let the whole Church on earth sing glad Halleluiahs Let sorrowing ones take heart Let drooping heads be lifted up Let the dying anticipate entering your glorious kingdom Let all your people witness to the living Christ within them Let the whole of creation be glad For earth’s saddest day and earth’s gladdest day are just one day apart. Living God, our hearts are filled with joy We have not voices grand enough nor strong enough Nor words nor music magnificent enough To express the wonder, the gratitude we feel, The adoration and praise flow from within us For our time of release has come Our long night of sin and sorrow and death is passed And with the bursting open of our prison doors We are welcomed into the glorious sunlight of the day of resurrection You, our God have given us new light, new life, new joy, new hope in raising our Lord Jesus from the dead. Our Hallelujah’s break forth. We worship our Lord and Risen King. Amen HYMN 362 “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”