MOSMAN UNITING CHURCH 10 April 2020 Good Friday WELCOME TO EVERYONE JOINING TOGETHER ONLINE Service devised and written, and hymns chosen, by Rev. Dr. William Ives ORGAN PRELUDE Order of Worship EVENTS OF THE DAY On this day our Lord was tried before the High Priest, then by Pilate, thereafter by Herod and then by Pilate again. He was scourged mocked and condemned to death. He was led away to Calvary. At nine o’clock he was crucified. At intervals he spoke the first three words from the Cross. From twelve o’clock till three he endured the darkness of dereliction. At three o’clock, having uttered the other four words from the Cross, he bowed his head and died. Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look and see if there is any sorrow, like my sorrow, which was brought upon me. I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to me. PRAYER O Lord Jesus Christ, there was never sorrow like your sorrow: your soul was extremely sorrowful, even unto death. The cruel soldiers scourged you; they hit you, they spat upon your sacred face. Over you in mockery they threw the purple robe, and forced the crown of thorns upon your head, you, who are King and Lord of all. They led you out to the place of death, bearing your Cross. They pierced your hands and your feet; they nailed you to the Tree. You were lifted up between heaven and earth as utterly unworthy, despised and rejected. No one gave you love or pity, yet you were full of love and pity for all people. O Lord, we look on your sufferings, and we mourn: not for you, but for ourselves; for you were wounded for our faults and pierced for our sins. And, above all we mourn that we continue to do it. We seem to consider your sacrifice of little concern. We have forgotten that you have made us clean from our former sins. Those who nailed you to the Cross did not know that they crucified the King of glory; but we have known and by what we have done, we have crucified you all over again. Lord Jesus, do not withhold your mercy from us; and as in your hour of agony you prayed for those who put you to death, we beg you to pray for us. O Saviour of the world, who, by your Cross and precious blood rescued us, save us and help us we humbly pray, O Lord. This day we wait before your Cross. We adore you, the crucified one. Draw us to yourself; help us to be more like you; give us your spirit of meekness and patience that enabled you to go through what was done to you. And now and throughout our lives help us to take up our Cross and follow you to the end. And to you, our Saviour with the Father and the Holy Spirit, be all glory forever. AMEN